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Welcome to my visual art website.

Thanks for visiting.

Please feel free to inquire about purchase by email:


New pieces appear at the top of each gallery, so you will see them first.


Just send me a link to the piece you want to ask about,

and I will get back to you promptly. We can negotiate a reasonable price.


Some of the works are now framed, and the prices are slightly higher.


The canvases, wood panels, and framed pieces are all ready to hang. Drawings and small panels are not ready to hang, unless specified. Recent watercolors are all framed.


I can't ship for free, but most shipping will be quite inexpensive, depending on size.


Works that are currently being shown in a gallery aren't for sale directly, but I can direct you to the gallery for purchase online.


Enjoy looking through, and please ask me any questions you might have about the work, or practical considerations such as dimensions, etc.

Thank you!


Copyright © 2023 Julian Cartwright

All Rights Reserved.

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